Current Archaeology & Biological Anthropology Postdocs
(Last updated February 2019)

Andreas Angourakis (ERC-TwoRains). Simulation models of socio-ecological dynamics.

Rachel Ballantyne (Research Associate). Archaeobotany & wetland archaeology

Jess Beck (MSCA-EF, Churchill College). Research focused on the emergence of social complexity and inequality in Late Prehistoric Europe. Uses osteoarchaeology and mortuary archaeology to investigate the organization of Copper Age and Bronze Age communities in Iberia and Romania.

Michael Boyd (Senior Research Associate). Bronze Age Aegean; Keros excavations and surveys.

Francesc C. Conesa (MSCA). Marginal landscapes of the Indus civilization.

Jenna Dittmar (Postdoctoral Research Associate – After the Plague Project). Specialist in human osteology and paleopathology, who utilises a multidisciplinary approach to questions about diseases and medical intervention in past populations. 

Arnau Garcia (MSCA, Queen’s College). Water management strategies and climate change in the Indus Civilisation (WaMStrIn). This MSCA project aims to re-evaluate the relationship between settlement and the changing hydrological systems of the Indus area during the emergence of the first urban centers.

Marc Gener Moret (MSCA). IBERIRON – characterization and study of pre-Roman Iron Technology in the Iberian Peninsula.

Erik Gjesfjeld (Renfrew Fellow, Fitzwilliam College). Working on the development of methods to investigate the diversification of artefacts and the relationship of artefact diversity to concepts of resilience and vulnerability.

Margarita Gleba (ERC Principal Research Associate, PI of PROCON project, Magdalene College).Archaeological textiles and technological, economic and social aspects of textile production in antiquity, Early Iron Age and the Orientalising period in the Mediterranean, connections with the Near East.

Adam Green (Post-doctoral Research Fellow). Anthropological archaeologist who specializes in the comparative study of early states through the lenses of technology, environment, and political economy. His focus is South Asia. TwoRains project.

Marianne Hem Eriksen (Visiting Fellow). Archaeology of late prehistoric Scandinavia (the Bronze, Iron and Viking Ages) settlement remains. Archaeology of Dwelling Project

Nancy Highcock (Post-Doctoral Research Associate). Memories for Life, collective identities in the Ancient Near East.

Ruoyun Hui (Postdoctoral Research Associate – After the Plague Project). Health & History in Medieval Cambridge – genetics

Harriet Hunt (Post-Doctoral Researcher in Archaeogenetics). Genetic diversity in plants and what this can reveal about their evolution and population history. Food Globalisation in Prehistory (FOGLIP) Project.

Sarah Inskip (Welcome Trust Fellow). After the Plague Project.

Anna Judson. (Research Fellow, Gonville & Caius College). Writing systems of the Bronze Age Aegean. Current research project: writing practices of the scribes of the Linear B tablets.

Emma Lightfoot (Post-Doctoral Researcher). Stable carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotope analysis of archaeological materials. TwoRains Project.

Diane Lister (Post-Doctoral Research Associate). Archaeogenetics of the spread of agriculture.

Emma Loftus (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow). Coastal origins: earliest human occupation of the shoreline.

Danny Longman (ADaPt). Phenotypic plasticity and adaptation to energetic stress.

Giulio Lucarini (Senior Research Fellow, Associate Member St Edmund’s College). Archaeological deep history and dynamics of Mediterranean Africa, ca. 9600-700 BC Project:

Beatriz Marín-Aguilera (Renfrew Fellow, Churchill College). Archaeology of colonialism, Postcolonial and Deleuzian theory, archaeological and historic use of domestic space (household archaeology).

Ian Moffat (Commonwealth Rutherford Fellow). Climate and Human Evolution.

Ionna Moutafi (MSCA, Sidney Sussex). MYSOBIO – Mycenean Social Bioarchaeology.

Monica Nicolaides Ramsey (MSCA, Darwin College). Increasingly Anthropogenic Landscapes and the Evolution of Plant-Food Production: Human-Environment Interactions during the Final Pleistocene and Early Holocene in the Levant Project.

Laerke Recht (MSCA, Sydney Sussex College). Human-animal relations and horses, donkeys and mules in the ancient Near East.

Jaap Saers (BBSRC PDA). Human trabecular bone functional adaptation & ontogeny.

Anna Stevens (Senior Research Associate). Community & archaeology, Egypt.

Christina Tsouparopoulou(Senior Research Associate/MSCA). Materiality of religion/Flows of LBA seals in Western Eurasia / ANE.

Gemma Tully (Research Associate). Community and archaeology, Egypt.

M. Cemre Üstünkaya (Postdoctoral Research Fellow). TwoRains project

Darryl Wilkinson (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow). Fieldwork based in Peru, especially in the ecologically transitional zones between the Andean highlands and Amazonia, focusing on the later pre-colonial period (AD 1000-1532).

Toby C Wilkinson (Junior Research Fellow, Churchill College). Specialises in Near Eastern and central Eurasian protohistory/late prehistory and computational/GIS analysis.