Current Postdocs at the McDonald Institute



Human Landscapes, Palaeoecology & Archaeobotany

Jennifer Bates (Trevelyan Research Fellow, Selwyn College)-  Archaeobotanist specialising in South Asian archaeology.

David G. Beresford-Jones (Leverhulme Research Fellow)- Human Landscapes and Palaeoecology, South American archaeology. One River Project (Changes in Ancient Land and Water Use Along The Río Ica, Peru).

Michael Boyd (Stavros S. Niarchos Fellow)- Human Landscapes, Material Culture and the Body, Prehistoric Archaeology.

Andrew Clarke (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Corpus Christi College)- Evolutionary biology, Plant molecular systematics ,(palaeo)ethnobotany.

Lucy Farr (Post-doctoral Research Fellow)- Pleistocene and Early Holocene people-environment interactions.

Emmanuelle Honore (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, St John’s College) Archaeology of Africa, Northern African Prehistory, rock art.

Harriet Hunt (Post-Doctoral Researcher in Archaeogenetics). Genetic diversity in plants and what this can reveal about their evolution and population history. Food Globalisation in Prehistory (FOGLIP) Project.

Thomas P Leppard (Renfrew Fellow). Emergence of social complexity on islands in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Pacific; hominin dispersal, geospatial analysis; survey archaeology; and palaeoenvironments/human ecodynamics. Landscape Archaeology of Southwest Sardinia (LASS) Project & ongoing survey and excavation on the island of Alamagan, Northern Marianas.

Emma Loftus (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow). Coastal origins: earliest human occupation of the shoreline.

Giulio Lucarini (Leverhulme Research Fellow, Associate Member St Edmund’s College). Archaeological deep history and dynamics of Mediterranean Africa, ca. 9600-700 BC Project:

Monica Nicolaides Ramsey (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Darwin College). Increasingly Anthropogenic Landscapes and the Evolution of Plant-Food Production: Human-Environment Interactions during the Final Pleistocene and Early Holocene in the Levant Project.

M. Cemre Ustunkaya (Postdoctoral Research Fellow). TwoRains project

Ceri Shipton (Fellow in African Archaeology jointly sponsored by BIEA).

Hermine Xhauflair (Fyssen Fellow).


Settlement archaeology & Social organization

Marianne Hem Eriksen (Visiting Fellow)- Archaeology of late prehistoric Scandinavia (the Bronze, Iron and Viking Ages) settlement remains. Archaeology of Dwelling Project

Adam S Green (Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Archaeology)- Anthropological archaeologist who specializes in the comparative study of early states through the lenses of technology, environment, and political economy. His focus is South Asia. TwoRains project.

Beatriz Marín-Aguilera (ERC Research Associate (PROCON project), St. John’s College). Archaeology of colonialism, Postcolonial and Deleuzian theory, archaeological and historic use of domestic space (household archaeology).

Emuobosa Akpo Orijemie (Post-doctoral Researcher, Newton International Fellowship (Royal Society). Research focused on ancient food production systems in Tivland, Nigeria.New applied approaches to African farming systems: the long-term history of farming in Tiv, Nigeria Project.

Darryl Wilkinson (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow). Fieldwork based in Peru, especially in the ecologically transitional zones between the Andean highlands and Amazonia, focusing on the later pre-colonial period (AD 1000-1532).

Kathryn Howley (Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellow, Christs College Cambridge). Egyptology.



Bodies & Prehistory

Jess Beck (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Churchill College). Research focused on the emergence of social complexity and inequality in Late Prehistoric Europe. Uses osteoarchaeology and mortuary archaeology to investigate the organization of Copper Age and Bronze Age communities in Iberia and Romania.  ;

Alexandra Ion (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Homerton College). Archaeological theory, Osteoarchaeology and Taphonomy. DivMeanBody: Divergent Meanings: understanding the postmortem fate of human bodies found in Neolithic settlements from the Balkan area in light of interdisciplinary data Project.

Sarah Inskip (Welcome Trust Fellow). After the Plague Project.

Jenna M Dittmar (Postdoctoral Research Associate in Biological Anthropology). Specialist in human osteology and paleopathology, who utilises a multidisciplinary approach to questions about diseases and medical intervention in past populations. 

Ionna Moutafi (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow)



Biological anthropology

Laura Tabitha Buck. (Post-doctoral Researcher in Biological Anthropology).  Palaeoanthropology and Biological Anthropology. Analysis of extant human, fossil hominin and non-human primate bone. Adaptation to environmental variation: the colonisation of the Japanese Archipelago (part of ADaPt) Project

Manuel Will (Junior Research Fellow Gonville & Caius). Main research interests lie in the study of human evolution from a joint bio-cultural perspective that takes evidence from artifacts and fossils into consideration. Current research projects focus on aspects of the biological, behavioral and cultural evolution of our genus (Homo) and species (Homo sapiens) in Africa and their dispersal to the rest of the world.

Danniel Longman (Post-doctoral Researcher in Human Evolution). In his research he utilises contemporary sport to test evolutionary theory. ADaPt Project.

Alex Wilshaw (Fellow St John’s College). His work largely concerns the evolution of stone tool technologies from Later Stone Age Africa, changes in human skull and skeletal variation in Africa over the last 60,000 years, the effects of climatic and ecological changes on human population movements and interactions and the application of statistical and novel methods of analysis to archaeological data.

Alison Macintosh (RA on ERC grant).



Human-animal relations

Laerke Recht  (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Sydney Sussex College). Human-animal relations and horses, donkeys and mules in the ancient Near East.




Vanessa Forte (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow)- Pottery Technology, Use Wear and Residues on ceramic, Craft Specialisation, Prehistoric Archaeology.  Tractus Project | Facebook




Joanne Cutler (ERC Research Associate PROCON project)- Archaeology of the Mediterranean, especially the Aegean.

Margarita Gleba (ERC Principal Research Associate, PI of PROCON project, Magdalene College)- Archaeological textiles and technological, economic and social aspects of textile production in antiquity, Early Iron Age and the Orientalising period in the Mediterranean, connections with the Near East.



The recent past

Francesco Iacono (Marie Słodowska Curie Research Fellow, Homerton College). Cultural Heritage of Dictatorship in Albania (CHODIA) Project.

Hannah Malone (Lumley Junior Research Fellow, Magdalene College, Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research). Interested in how buildings operate as vehicles for political exchange, and the relationships between architecture, nationalism, and power. National memory, the ideal of political martyrdom, and heritage issues.



Diet, Migration & Health

Emma Lightfoot (Post-Doctoral Researcher). Stable carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotope analysis of archaeological materials. TwoRains Project.

Diane Lister (ERC Post-Doctoral Research Associate). Plant archaeogenetics, Crop genetics and environmental adaptation, Ancient and historic DNA. Food globalization in prehistory (FOGLIP) Project.

Argyro Nafplioti (Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Fellow, Homerton College). 87Sr/86Sr, 18O/16O 13C/12C, 15N/14N, 34S/32S, D/H, and AMS radiocarbon analysis of archaeological bone and teeth; Aegean Archaeology; palaeodiet and residential mobility. ‘Early POpulations in Cretan History: Investigating residential mobility in the eastern Mediterranean using isotope GeoChemistry’ (EPOCH GeoChem) (EPOCH GeoChem on Facebook)


Technology & Culture- Lithics, Metallurgy, Writing

Luc Moreau (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow). Human Evolution, Eurasian Palaeolithic, Lithic Technology and Raw Material Use.

Miljana Radivojevic (Anniversary Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Jesus College). Eurasian Prehistory, Archaeological Sciences (Materials Science).

Willem Paul van Pelt (Schulman Research Fellow, Trinity Hall). Sudanese archaeology, Egyptian archaeology, Archaeological theory.

Christina Tsoraki (RA). Primary research expertise lies in material culture studies.

Christina Tsouparopoulou



Computational/GIS/Big Data analysis

Erik Gjesfjeld (Colin Renfrew Fellow). Working on the development of methods to investigate the diversification of artefacts and the relationship of artefact diversity to concepts of resilience and vulnerability.

Hector A. Orengo (TwoRains Post-doctoral Research Associate)

Toby C Wilkinson (Junior Research Fellow, Churchill College). Specialises in Near Eastern and central Eurasian protohistory/late prehistory and computational/GIS analysis.


Other researchers at Cambridge

Pau Sureda (Incipit CSIC postdoctoral fellow/ Visitor Scholar al McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research). My research is focused on Balearic Islands (Mediterranean Sea, Spain) Prehistory, especially in Chalcolithic and Bronze Age societies, Archaeometallurgy and Social Archaeology. Ongoing excavations at Cap de Barbaria II and Cova 127 (Formentera Island).

Anna Stevens (RA on BC grant). Archaeologist specializing in ancient Egypt, and with a particular interest in exploring how everyday material culture and urban space can shed light on the experiences of people whose lives are rarely reflected in formal architecture and texts.

Anna Judson. (Research Fellow, Gonville & Caius College). Writing systems of the Bronze Age Aegean. Current research project: writing practices of the scribes of the Linear B tablets.

Isabelle Vella Gregory (Affiliated scholar, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and also the Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge). Mediterranean prehistory, particularly figurative representation and the body, theory and method and material culture studies. Research Cluster on Maltese Pottery Studies

Philip Boyes. (Research Associate, ERC ‘Contexts of and Relations between Early Writing Systems’ Project). I work on the social context of writing in Late Bronze Age Ugarit.

Dorothea (Maya) Bosch (MSCA Fellow)

Craig Cessford (Research Associate)

Bela Dimova (RA on PROCON project ERC grant).

Arnau Garcia (MSCA Fellow).


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